Year of Games Challenge – February – Week Two

The first week of my Skyrim modding month has passed and I am still learning the tool. I have spent a good amount of time playing around in the Creation Kit. The tool is powerful. I have spent years working in Unity and I have enjoyed my time, but after working so long in something that was created to do “anything”, it is nice to work in an editor that is focused on doing one thing and one thing very well.

With that said, I do have some issues with Skyrim’s approach to level design. There has to be a better balance between a crafted experience and the open world playstyle, at least within the individual dungeons themselves. I hope to, by the end of this month, have a full blog post about the matter.

I am finishing up the tutorials and hope to have a well crafted, but small 3 room cave together by the end of the week.

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