Other Projects

 Unity Tool: Audio Source Controller 

After creating and implementing audio on several projects, I created the Audio Source Controller tool for Unity 3D to add some common functionality that I seemed to use every project. The tool includes:

  • Audio Manager that offers volume settings for Master, Music, and SFX volumes.
  • Audio Source Controller that simplifies and enhances unity’s audio functionality.
  • Several Audio Source management options such as spawning a bank of Audio Sources on start.
  • Additional audio options such as varied pitch or sequenced clips all through the editor.
  • Custom inspector scripts for all functionality empowers the designer.
  • A single function call for all effects!

Check it out on the Unity Asset Store!

Card Game: It’s Time For Adventure!

The Adventure Time Card Game


It’s Time For Adventure is a card game made for the Adventure Time Game Jam I made on a team of two. On the project, my focus was gameplay design for the game. We made nearly 100 cards with screenshots from the show within the 48 hours.

The card game is designed for a one-on-one duel against your best buddy. Choose two adventurers and a home base and prepare to battle! Defend your base, attack your foes, and go on adventures to gain temporary boosting event cards or consistent equipment.

 Rules and Cards


 Writing Sample: Flare


Flare is a short story that takes place in the middle of nowhere Midwest where Mat and fellow survivors have taken refuge in an old barn cellar from an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world. But when a sandstorm traps his injured friend in a nearby gas station, Mat sets out to save his friend from the terrible beast that has threatened their fragile existence. Armed with only three road flares, Mat must now face what his world has become.


      Mat reached to his pocket where he kept his…

      The knife was not there. He pictured it resting on the dirt floor next to the hand generator.  His legs went numb as he rubbed his right shoulder. The knife was a gift from Carl and had helped him survive in this barren existence. It was also his primary defense from this harsh reality. Mat needed his knife, but there was no time to go back. The dust storm crept closer as the wind picked up.

      Instead, Mat reached for the flare on his left hip. Tearing off the top, he turned it around and struck the rough side of the cap against the newly exposed end of the red tube. Light exploded out of the tip, bright against the dimming day as it shown across his body. The flame hissed from the flare as sparks flew out, challenging the air around him. Engulfed in the red glow, he stepped forward with the  flare in front.

      The creature’s good eye widened. It turned around and disappeared behind the gas station. It was no longer licking its teeth.

Full Story

GDD: Build the Railroad

The Build the Railroad GDD was written in a week for our Build the Railroad game. Since the game was a linear experience and not every scene was related mechanically, I wrote the GDD scene by scene with all essential detail rather then a more typical approach by subject (game mechanics, level progression, etc.).


Full GDD