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Scarlet (center picture) is an intense scramble of secrecy and adultery. Your wife has come home from a business trip and you must hide all evidence of your affair without getting caught. Scarlet was made by myself and three others for the Indie Speed Run 2013 game jam competition and was nominated for the finals by judge Peter Molyneux.

For Scarlet, I was in charge of game design, level design, and audio design. Scarlet was made in Unity 3D.

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Also of note, Umbrella Party (center picture) was made for the Indie Speed Run 2012 competition and was given a special mention by judge Ron Gilbert. I was gameplay designer and audio designer on Umbrella Party. It was made in Unity 3D.

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Here (left picture) was made for the Ludum Dare 27 game jam competition. I was the sole developer. It was made in Unity 3D

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The Passing of Seasons

Role: Gameplay Designer, Scripter, and Audio Engineer

The Passing of Seasons is a runner style iOS and Web game released this year.You play as the goddess of the seasons who travels through the seasons collecting moons to progress time and avoid obstacles by moving around the inside of the tube-like path.

For the game, I designed and balanced the core gameplay, created and implemented the audio, and scripted most visual effects including all visuals of the player and all particle effects.

Made in Unity 3D.

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Hamster Express

Role: Lead Designer, Gameplay Programmer, and Audio Engineer

Hamster Express is an iOS targeted physics based puzzle game. The game takes place on a train that the player must brake and accelerate to lead Hamlet the hamster and his hamster ball to the next train car.

I was the gameplay designer, level designer, gameplay programmer, and audio engineer. I also created a series of custom tools to create over 30 levels.

The game was a side project for Adventure Club Games and the alpha version is currently released on the browser.

Made in Unity 3D.

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Balloon Chase

Roll: Level Designer, Audio Engineer

Balloon Chase is a randomly generated platformer built in 48 hours for a company game jam. A little girl must collect 30 balloons on the world’s largest playscape as she climbs ladders, crawls across climbing nets, and jumping on trampolines.

On the project I created and implemented the audio as well as designed the level pieces and made them using our bitmap level editor.

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I Am Robot!

Role: Everything

I Am Robot is a side-scrolling platformer with a stylized look created in Unity 3D. Collect the batteries to open the door in each level while avoiding traps and patrolling enemies, wall jumping, and activating respawn points.

It is a side project that I updated to be used as a game framework for a one week Game Development camp I taught for middle schoolers. I created all the scripts to be easy to use yet still giving control to the students. This included creating custom editor scripts for the Unity software.

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Build the Railroad

Role: Documentation, Audio Engineer, and QA

Build The Railroad puts you in the shoes of a rail worker during the summer of 1866. Utilizing the Microsoft Kinect players are able to lay down ties, rails, and drive a spike. As part of Union Pacific Railroad’s 150th Anniversary Adventure Club Games was commissioned to create a Kinect based game that teaches players how difficult it was to build the First American Transcontinental Railroad. Visitors of the Union Pacific Railroad Museum are now able to play Build The Railroad in the museum’s newly renovated first floor in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

For the project I wrote the extensive documentation, auditioned, managed, and recorded two voice actors, and tested the game twice a day and kept a list of all bugs and issues in the game.

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 Evolution Games

Role: Documentation, Gameplay Design, Audio Engineer

The Evolution Games were created for the BEACON Center and for the MSU Museum to teach the basic principles of variation and selection in evolution.

On the projects, I wrote and maintained the documentation, design and test a fulfilling interactive experience, write, record, and cut all voice acting, and created the SFX for the game.

The games were made in Flash.

Download Variation Game

Download Selection Game

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